Sunday, April 19, 2009


Tonton Susanto wins Best Asian Rider on Fuji!
Yong Li's Team Fuji
"I have found the Fuji Team bike to be light and responsive, it is a effective tool on difficult climbs and sharp weapon in the sprints." - Jeremy Yates

"After 3 months riding my Fuji bike,i've riding all terrain,flat,hill,winding road..i found out Fuji bike is a good bike,is a carbon frame bike,but strong enough compare with other brand full carbon bike i has used when try sprinting..attack...ride hard on the when i want go,,,the bike go with me...hopefully,it be a champion bike for me and my team." -Ng Yong Li

The Fuji equipped with Fulcrum Racing Zero is Jeremy's. Samai is using the Bora wheels!Specs
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Letua Cycling Team Official Groupset : SRAM Force

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